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Precision Waterjet Cutting, servicing a wide range of markets and industry.



The waterjet process uses deionized water with garnet abrasive medium at 55,000 PSI to accurately cut thru virtually any material. Precision and efficiency are maintained with state of the art computer controls and software.


The Waterjet machine is excellent for prototype and 1 off jobs as shown here.

Our customer needed a special valve handle in their powerplant and needed it fast!
They called us with dimensions and the material requirements. We delivered the part the next morning!

This is a 3/4" thick by 9" diameter A-36 steel valve handle with a pressed and welded on hub.
Quantity was 1 for this job but all programs and information are saved and ready for
when the time comes to react again.


Small or large quantities can be produced economically and quickly
with our state of the art computer systems.

Shown here is a quantity of 8 pieces of a 3" stainless steel nut which is used on a
Dredging Ship for the U.S. Army Corp. Of Engineers. The material is 2" thick
type 316 stainless steel waterjet cut and machined per drawing.

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